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Steamer's Cafe

Steamers Cafe Once known mainly as a summertime family destination for ice cream by the scoop, Lockside has continued to grow Steamer's Cafe into a year round attraction with a selection of the best quality drinks and edibles for family and friends alike.

Steamer's Menu, Victoria Weekend to Labour Day

Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream By The Scoop, Milkshakes, Smoothies, Slush Puppy

Old Fashioned Bulk and Packaged Candy

Fresh Brewed Reunion Island Coffee*

Bulk Coffee Beans - Whole or Ground*

Fresh Steeped Teas*

Espresso*, Capuccino*, Lattes*, Chia Tea*

Fresh Baked Cookies*

Soft Drinks, Juice & Water*

Gourmet du Village specialty packaged food products and giftware*

*Available on Fall and Winter Menu