Frequently Asked Questions

We have quite a few questions that frequently pop up when shopping with Lockside. To help you out- we've listed some of them below!

Do we deliver & how far will we deliver?
We do offer delivery services for large items such as; furniture, lighting & more at $100/ hour. We do not limit our delivery location. If you contact us with us a request we can certainly accommodate and come to a mutual agreement.

Is our furniture Canadian-Made?
We have a wide selection of home furnishings. A majority of our furniture is Canadian-Made, although we also carry furniture made in the United States and some that is imported.

Do we have restroom for customers?
This may be a comical question but it seems to be at the top of the list with customers. We have a Johnny-on-the-spot at our Youngs Point location and unfortunately no available restrooms available in our Haliburton location.

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